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2nd May, 2018

Subject : Write-up on Sports activities from November to May. 2018


Semester one of every academic year is the peak of University Sports competitions. Since November last year, the following sports activities took place.

Inter-year, Inter-Course, Inter-Culture and Inter-Hall Sports Competitions

These were held at the different campuses and they helped the coaches identify sports talents at the different campuses. These competitions are also used to form campus teams that represent their campuses in the Inter-campus Sports Competitions

The 2017 Season of Busitema University Inter-Campus Sports Competitions

Starting with the Games Union meeting, Busitema University Inter Campus Sports Competitions were officially opened by the Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences, Dr. Nangoli Ssudi on 18th November, 2017. The games were hosted by Busitema campus and a gala was run due to limited time to closing the university. A total of 879 students participated in the year’s edition.

The overall performance was as shown in the table below.


Team performance per event were as shown in the attached results. The overall performance was as shown in the table below.


Overall Ranking

1st Arapai

2nd Busitema

3rd Nagongera

4th Mbale

5th Pallisa

6th Namasagali

Arapai campus was the overall winner and they received a trophy. The best campus among the males was still Arapai and they won a bull and 8 crates of soda. Busitema campus was the best among women and won a cow and 5 crates of soda.

Games Union Council Meetings

The fourth games Union council meetings were held on 17th November, 2017 that planned for the academic year’s sports activities and also budgeted for the financial year 2018/2019.  The biggest concern was lack of office space for the games union at all campuses.

17TH Association of Uganda University Sports GAMES 16TH – 21ST DECEMBER 2017, NDEJJE UNIVERSITY

The 17th AUUS games took place at Ndejje University from 16th to 21st December 2017. 17 universities participated in these games.

A total of 98 people from Busitema university people participated in the event. These included 84 students, the senior warden who represented the Dean of students, the Sports Tutor, 8 Coaches, 1 medical officers, the AA Guild and Sports, the Games Union Chairperson and the Custodian represented the University.