Dr. Fredrick Kiwuwa Lugya, (Ph.D)

University Librarian

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By the nature of the establishment of Busitema University, Busitema University Library (BuLib) operates a decentralized library system that comprise of six (6) Campus Libraries of Busitema University located in Eastern Uganda. The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2006 (UOTIA Act, 2001, Rev. 2006) mandates the University Library to develop, collect, manage, disseminate, control and coordinate all library and information services of Busitema University. The Library envisions itself as a Distinctive Signifier of Excellence in the provision of library and information services in Africa and will achieve this by signifying excellence in the provision of World-Class library services to support the intellectual life of the University. Through demonstrating quality and value in the provision of services and programmes, Busitema University Library is confident of exceeding users’ expectations, and retain user’s loyalty. The University Library subscribes to the core values of Busitema University including; Respect, Professionalism, Customer First, Innovativeness, and Integrity.Â

The University Library is an academic unit whose overall administration is vested in the office of the University Librarian who reports to the Vice-Chancellor. The University Librarian, Dr. Fredrick Kiwuwa Lugya is a member of the Busitema University Top Management and Senate. The Library Management comprises of the University Librarian, the Deputy University Librarian and the six (6) Campus Librarians.

The Library conducts its business through five Library Committees with well-defined functions including: Library Management Committee; Finance and Facilities Committee; Appointments and Promotions Committee; Collections, Conservation and Preservation Committee, and Library Academic and Research Board.

The policy making body of the University Library is the Academic Affaiars and Library Committee (AA&LC), which is a Senate Committee chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in Charge of Academic Affaisrs (DVC-AA). The AA&LC is composed of members of Senate representing the Science, Arts and Humanities, Library, Students and other relevant stakeholders.

The entire library collection consists print and electronic materials. Overall, there are over 100,000 monographs and 50,000 electronic books with an annual average addition of over 1,000 print books and 5,000 electronic books; 2,000 bound serials/ periodicals with an annual subscription of 30,000 serial titles. Access to the print and some of the electronic materials is through Busitema University Library catalogue; while the locally produced research and students projects are accessible through the Busitema University Institutional Repository.

Historical Background

Busitema University Library emerged from the amalgamation of the collections from the two founding Colleges in September 2007 - the National College of Agricultural Mechanisations, currently the Engineering Library at Busitema; and the National Teacher's College, which is the Science and Education Library at Nagongera. Prior to the opening of the Busitema University on 3rd October, 2007, there were two Faculties then - the Faculty of Engineering at Busitema Campus and the Faculty of Science and Education at Nagongera Campus. Today, there are six (6) Faculties, and thus six (6) Campus Libraries.

Busitema University Library System

BuLib comprises of the six (6) Campus Libraries. The Engineering Library located at Busitema Campus, the Science and Education Library at Nagongera Campus, the Health Sciences Library at Mbale, the Agriculture and Animal Sciences Library at Arapai, the Management Sciences Library at Pallisa; and the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Library at Namasagali which also houses the Maritime collection. The Engineering Library at Busitema is also the Main Library of the BuLib and therefore coordinates the core functions of the Library that include: Digitization, Collection Development and Management, Preservation and Conservation/ Bindery, Library ICTs; while the Campus Libraries coordinate all the user services that include: Reference services, Circulation, Collection Management, Information Literacy and Instruction, User Education, and Facilities Management.


Engineering Library at Busitema

The Engineering Library at the Faculty of Engineering, Busitema is located 183 km along Kampala-Tororo highway, Busia District. This Library is a state-of-the-art building located a few meters from the Main gate leading to the Busitema University's Main Administration/ Central Administration Block. Constructed with funding from the African Development Bank, the Library is a two-storey building measuring 1,400 square meters of space with a seating capacity of 800 users. The Library architecture and design symbolizes a place of learning, gathering and exploring - responding to the evolving information-seeking behaviors of users in academic environments, interdisciplinary scholarly communication practices, information technology, and online pedagogy. Busitema Campus library is an academic cornerstone – incorporating silent open reading spaces, individual and group study and discussion rooms, collaboration and interactive technologies, digital learning spaces, staff welfare and workrooms/ offices, inclusive places of convenience, and daylighting. The Library is headed by Ms. Naggayi Eva and is open 07:00 am to 08:45 pm, Monday to Friday; and 08:00 to 06:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays, with no breaks.


The Engineering Library has several public service points: The Reference and Information desk located at the entrance, and adjust to the right is the bag storage/ Cloak room while on the left is the entrance to the University Librarian Office, Pantry, Board Room, Deputy University Librarian/ Campus Librarian Office and the Staff Sanitary services. Beyond the entrance is the reading space designed with a Hallway stretching up the 2-storeyed floors. The Reserve Textbook collection is shelved at the Circulation point and at Closed Access points at each level; the Open Shelves run between the reading space; and opposite is the Technical Services and the Digitization Sections.

The First Floor has open reading spaces, a Closed Access collection, Group Discussion rooms, and the Archival and Periodicals Section. The Second Floor has the Learning Center with 30 Desktop computers connected to the internet; a wall-mounted projector for presentation and conducting trainings for staff and students. There is also collaborative group discussions rooms and a closed access collection.

Science & Education Library at Nagongera

Science and Education Library is housed at Nagongera Campus, which is Busitema’s Faculty of Science and Education, located North-West of Busitema, 21.2 km via Nagongera road, from Tororo City. The Nagongera Campus offers science and education training for undergraduates while graduate programmes are at a study Center in Tororo City. The Library is located on the Administration block with the Dean’s office – this is a strategic location for the Library. The Library, headed by Mr. Muhumuza Medard Emmy, is open 08:00 am to 10:00 pm, Monday to Friday, and 08:00 am to 06:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday with no breaks.

Agriculture & Animal Sciences Library at Arapai

The Agriculture and Animal Sciences Library is located at Busitema’s Arapai Campus which is the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Sciences located in Soroti City, Soroti District, 184 km North of the Main Campus when accessed via Mbale - Soroti Road. The Library is headed by Mrs. Assiimwe Famao Fatuma. The Library boots of a high-internet connection through the Country’s Optical Fibre Connection, a diverse collection, and experienced staff.

The library is open throughout the week – Monday to Friday, 08:00 am to 10:00pm with two one-hour breaks - during lunch and evening between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. Over weekends the library is open between 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

The Library occupies the lower level of the new building measuring approximately 20 meters wide by 35 meters long. The new building offers a very conducive reading and research environment - the library floor, ceiling and the walls are in perfect shape. The library building is new, hence providing an open flexible space for configuration to a functional library.  The space receives good natural light through the windows and the door, and is fitted with evenly distributed light bulbs for night vision.

Management Sciences Library at Pallisa

Pallisa Campus hosts the Faculty of Management Sciences and is located in Pallisa district, 127 km via Tororo-Mbale Road North of Busitema. Faculty of Management Sciences has close to 200 students at undergraduate and graduate level. The team visited the campus and was received by the Campus Librarian. The library is housed in a single room measuring approximately 18 meters wide by 29 meters long; with well-organized furniture and setting – providing a conducive environment for reading and research.

The library is open Monday to Friday - from 07:00 am to 5:00 pm, and 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm in the evening; and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) – from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm; and closed during lunch and evening breaks. The Library is headed by Mr. Wejuli Joseph.

Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences Library at Namasaagali

Namasagali Campus is the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, located 178 km North-West of Main Campus, Busitema when driving via Jinja and taking Kamuli Road. It is at this campus that the Maritime Institute will be established.

The Campus Library, headed by Mr. Eriya Ntage serves both undergraduate and graduate students. The Library is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 11:00 pm and 08:30 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, without lunch and evening breaks; and closed on all Public Holidays.

Health Sciences Library at Mbale

The Health Sciences Library at Mbale serves the Faculty of Health Sciences. It is located in Mbale town, North of Busitema, 72.7 km via Tororo - Mbale Road, Mbale Town and is situated along Mbale-Tirinyi Road, Mbale Hospital. It is also known as Busitema University Medical School or the Busitema University School of Medicine. As is the case for other teaching hospitals, the Faculty operates within Mbale Hospital, with some of its buildings sparsely located around the town. The Campus library is headed by Mrs. Asimwe Glorious; and serves undergraduate and graduate students. The Library is open from Monday to Friday, 08:00 am to 10:00 pm; and 09:00 am to 05:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday with no breaks. Closed on all designated Public Holidays.