Nano Technology and Materials Lab


The Nanotechnology and Materials Research Group is under the Faculty of Engineering and Technology and focuses on engineering and fabrication from the micro-scale down to the nanometre scale to produce a wide range of novel devices, materials and integrated systems.

This includes the creation and characterization of nano systems and the study of bio-inspired products from sustainable materials.

Current research topics include functional materials, packaging materials, automotive composites, polymers.

Our research has four main themes:

  1. Acoustics
  2. Fibers and Polymers
  3. Composite Materials
  4. Nanostructured Materials
  5. Computational Mechanics

Current research projects

  1. Development and Characterization of Ficus Natalensis and Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Hybrid Composites (MSc project – Francis Alibet)
  2. Analysis of the Static Mechanical Properties Of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Coated Silk Waste Reinforced Polyester Bio- Composite. (MSc project – Godias Tumusiime)
  3. Interior automotive panels based on Barkcloth-Banana Fiber Bionanocomposites
  4. Multifunctional Bionanocellulose Food Packaging Films
  6. Computational Mechanics in roads
  7. Modeling of low wind turbines in eastern Uganda.
  8. Plastic waste – Lignin bitumen blends.

Past Projects

  1. Sansevieria trifasciata composites
  2. Barkcloth reinforced green epoxy composites
  3. Electricity from silk cocoons from silkworms fed with silver nanoparticles

Group Publications


  1. Nagulama, M., Rwahwire, S., Mbabazi, F. K., & Tulirinya, J. (2021). Modeling of Tire-Road Surface Interaction under Wet Conditions. Asian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 9-28.


  1. Mbabazi, F. K., Gavamukulya, Y., Awichi, R., Olupot–Olupot, P., Rwahwire, S., Biira, S., & Luboobi, L. S. (2020). A Mathematical Model Approach for Prevention and Intervention Measures of the COVID–19 Pandemic in Uganda.
  2. Rwahwire, S., Namuga, C., & Ildephonse, N. (2020). Application of Electrospun Materials in Packaging Industry. Electrospun Materials and Their Allied Applications, 131-149.
  3. Nambajjwe, C., Musinguzi, W. B., Rwahwire, S., Kasedde, A., Namuga, C., & Nibikora, I. (2020). Improving electricity from silk cocoons through feeding silkworms with silver nanoparticles. Materials Today: Proceedings, 28, 1221-1226.