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One of the major requirements of a University in the 21st Century is to implement postgraduate education as a key contribution to the development of higher education in national, regional and international development. This fundamental call motivated the introduction of a Directorate of postgraduate training at Busitema University with a major role of enhancing the quality of graduate education through promoting graduate studies, student research supervision, improving mentorship of graduate students and supervisors, and coordinating graduate studies across the university. The directorate of postgraduate training, therefore, fosters excellence in graduate studies. Research by providing leadership and administrative support guided by the principles of quality, diversity and integrity.

Busitema University Directorate of Postgraduate Training works with academic units to promote excellence in graduate studies for national, regional and international recognition. The function of the Directorate of Postgraduate Training therefore is to:

  • Provide guidance to academic units on curriculum development and review for postgraduate courses and programmes.
  • Develop a robust and internationally competitive postgraduate training framework.
  • Initiate and operationalize effective strategies for increasing student enrolment in postgraduate education.
  • Provide guidelines and standards on the supervision of postgraduate research students.
  • Provide institutional leadership in Postgraduate Training in line with the existing policy guidelines.
  • Conduct postgraduate board meetings and provide guidance and direction on postgraduate training matters.
  • Provide guidance, advise to Senate on postgraduate training matters.
  • Receive and scrutinize postgraduate student research outputs and advise where necessary.
  • Liase with external examiners of postgraduate research outputs and making collaborations with world-class universities in a bid to develop postgraduate education and training at Busitema University.

Faculty of Engineering

  1. Master of Computer Forensics
  2. Master of Science in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Forensics

Faculty of Science and Education

  1. Master of Educational Leadership and Management
  2. Master of Science in Industrial Mathematics
  3. Master of Science in Physics

Faculty of Health Sciences

  1. Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine)
  2. Master of Medicine (Surgery)
  3. Master of Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Faculty of Management Science

  1. Master of Business Administration

Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

  1. Master of Science in Climate Change and Disaster Management
  2. Master of Science in Environmental Economics (NEW)

Upcoming Programmes

  1. PhD in Physics (Research)
  2. PhD in Education Psychology (Research)
  3. PhD in Ecology and Biodiversity (Research)
  4. Msc in Material Engineering
  5. PhD in Materials Engineering (Coursework and Research)
  6. Master of Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
  7. Master of Science in Chemistry
  8. Master of Science in Biodiversity
  9. Master of Science in Educational Psychology
  10. Postgraduate Diploma in ICT Integration in Education

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