Land, Lecturer rooms and Workshops

All campuses have basic facilities for students’ welfare in form of hostels, play grounds for recreation and medical services.     


Busitema University is founded on existing tertiary institutions. At all the institutions there is adequate land for the development of infrastructure, farms, and other developments such as an agro-industrial park.

The Busitema main campus has 1,300 acres, Arapai 667 acres, Nagongera 850 acres, Kaliro 198 acres, Mbale 30 acres, Jinja 9 acres and Pallisa 350 acres.  The campuses also have basic infrastructure.

Lecture rooms

They have been prepared in such a way for the students to have a conducive studying environment.


The workshop complex at Busitema University is made up of the following sections:

            a) Machine Shop

This is one of the sections of the mechanical workshop. It is used to train students to acquire skills to design and make various machines and machine parts. The students acquire knowledge to service and maintain various machines by machining new spares or reconditioning the worn out parts through building up and machining.

The students we train are employed by the manufacturing and other industries both nationally and regionally.

The local communities benefit from the machine shop by having their machines serviced and repaired in our workshops.

The nation benefits by getting highly skilled personnel to implement its policy of developing the industrial sector and creating employment.

            b)  Blacksmith and Welding Section

This section involves shaping of metal in either cold or hot state as well as obtaining permanent metal joints by use of electric arc and gas flames welding.
Both blacksmith and welding processes are the most tangible trades which very much boost our students when they seek for employment in the field.

The students complete their courses with all competency to handle many jobs in manufacturing and related industries, construction works, repair and fabrication shops.

The above areas of production assist national development in infrastructure and the economy especially the agricultural sector.


The ginnery is equipped with world wide used machinery ranging from traditional roller gins, high speed single roller ginner (rota bar), a saw gin, spinning machines, plus equivalent laboratory gins. The ginnery has a comprehensive workshop installed with different machines used for training students.


Calendar of Events

Semester II:
Monday,19th January to Friday, 15th May, 2015

Recess Term:
Monday, 18th May to Friday 24th July, 2015
Semester II
Monday,19th January to Friday, 15th May, 2015
Recess Semester
Monday, 18th May to Friday, 24th July, 2015

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