Busitema University Vice Chancellor elected to the IUCEA Governing Board

The Vice Chancellor of Busitema University, Professor Mary Okwakol, has been elected as a Representative of Public Universities in Uganda on the Governing Board of the Inter – University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) for a period of 4 years effective 1st July 2009. She was elected during the IUCEA Eighth Annual General Meeting held on 12th March, 2009 at the Sun ‘N’ Sand Beach Resort, Mombasa.

Professor Okwakol’s election was communicated by Professor Chacha Nyaigotti–Chacha, Executive Secretary of IUCEA, in a letter dated 25th June 2009. The Governing Board is the supreme decision making organ of IUCEA.

The Inter – University Council for East Africa is a regional Inter- governmental organization of the East African Community. It works to encourage and develop mutual collaboration among universities in East Africa on one hand, and member countries of East African Community - Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi on the other. It also collaborates with other organizations, both public and private, regionally and internationally, to advance university education in the region. The IUCEA exists to facilitate, coordinate and promote sustainable and competitive development of universities in the region by responding to challenges facing higher education and helping universities contribute to meeting national and regional development needs through various activities.

The current IUCEA programmes and projects include; the Lake Victoria Research Initiative established to generate data for informed decisions on the implementation of the Lake Victoria Development programme; Bio-earn- a research network for Biotechnology, Biosafety and Biotechnology policy development; the DAAD and Rockfeller Foundation sponsored capacity building initiative; the Ford Foundation International Programme, targeting professionals who due to functional and geographical disadvantages cannot access higher education and; East African  Varsity Net, seeking to develop functional system using open source software; and the African staff exchange, promoting inter – university cooperation through academic mobility and to enhance the quality of teaching and research in African Universities.

Busitema University was established by Statutory Instrument No. 22, 2007 enacted by Parliament on 10th May 2007. The University attained full membership of IUCEA in March 2008.


Signed  :           Dr. Maurice A. Muhwezi-Murari
Date     :           15th July 2009

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