Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Education based at Nagongera Campus of Busitema University
The Faculty of Science and Education (FSE) is one of the 7 Faculties of Bustema University. It was one of the first Faculties established in Bustema University. The Faculty is located at Nagongera within Nagongera Township in Tororo district about 17 kilometers from Tororo town along Tororo- Busolwe road. Nagongera campus was previously a National Teacher College (NTC) and was   given to Busitema University in 2006.  The campus is set on 850 acres of land which provides amble space opportunity for expansion for the training, research and outreach activities.
The Faculty became operational from 2007. At undergraduate level the Faculty currently trains education professional teachers in sciences in subjects of: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and computer studies.
Faculty goal: The goal of Faculty of Science and Education is to develop and implement demand driven innovative training, research and outreach programmes, increase practical skills for promotion of technological advancement and forge linkages with grassroots, civil society, government, private sector and international community for promotion of sustainable development.
Vision:  In agreement with the overall vision of Busitema University, the vision of Faculty of Science and education is “To be the centre of excellence in developing practical, innovative and motivated graduates in sciences and teacher education who will effectively respond to needs of local and international communities”.

Mission: “To enhance professionalism and innovativeness through quality training of teachers and science professionals and promote research and community outreach for socio-economic transformation and sustainable development”

Core values: excellence, relevance, innovativeness, Professionalism, Ethics, Integrity, Equity, internationalization and Respect for Diversity.

Expansion of training programmes:
In an effort to respond to the government policy of increasing the number of science and practical life skill subject teachers for secondary schools, the faculty has planned to introduce new subjects in the areas of entrepreneurship, economics, geography and agriculture in 2013/2014 academic year.
Faculty of Science and Education academic programs
The Faculty offers various programmes at undergraduate and diploma levels; and short non-academic skill based programmes. In the Masters of Science in Educational Leadership, Planning and Management is scheduled to begin in 2013/2014.

Currently running programs

  • Bachelor of Science Education (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Studies, Education, Biology and Chemistry)
  • Diploma in Education (Primary, Distance learning)

Programs scheduled to start in 2013/2014 academic year

  • Master of Science in Educational Leadership, planning and Management (MSc.ELPM)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)
  • Certificate in Computer applications
  • Diploma in Computer applications

New Subjects to be introduced in 2013/2014 academic year

  • Agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Geography
  • Economics

Skill based short term programs starting in September 2012 based at Busitema University Tororo Town study center.


    Busitema University has opened a study center in Tororo municipality to provide services especially training in skill-based short duration non-academic courses to the clients in the eastern Uganda. This is aimed at addressing the human resource needs in the identified areas as demanded by the community. It is an outreach center for the university which will greatly benefit the local community in the eastern region. The center is conveniently located within the central part of Tororo Municipality, 60 meters off Tororo- Mbale Road, next to Burar Petrol station, Plot 43 Aguti road Tororo town. The center will host ICT resources and will also be used for business, consultancy, net working and for other tailor made training programmes.

    • Certificate in computer application

     The Faculty also undertakes research in both basic and applied sciences in support of national development for Uganda.
    The faculty currently has six departments;

    • The Department of Mathematics
    • The Department of Physics.
    • The Department of Biology
    • The Department of Chemistry
    • The Department of Computer studies
    The Department of Education

    Upcoming departments in 2013/2014 academic year:

    • Business studies
    • Geography
    • Educational foundations
    • Psychology
    • Curriculum and instruction
    • Agricultural education studies
    • English, communication skills and Languages

    Pictorial tour of main features and activities at Nagongera Campus



    Figure 1 The main entrance to Nagongera Campus


    Figure 2. A block housing the adminidstartive offices and the library.


    Figure 3. Dinning hall at Nagongera campus


    Figure 4. Scenic view of the Nagongera Campus Environment


    Figure 5. Library block at Nagongera campus


    Figure 6. Guild House at Nagongera Campus


    Figure 7. Block for Computer studies a Nagongera Campus


    Figure 8. A Lecture Block for Education department and Nagongera Campus


    Figure 9. Team of experts reviewing academic programmes for faculty of Science and Education Nagongera Campus


    Figure 11Guild house at Nagongera campus


    Figure 13 the first Curriculum review process for the Bachelor of Science education program


    Figure 14 Staff members of the experts reviewing Bachelor of Science curriculum for faculty of Science and Education



Calendar of Events

Semester II:
Monday,19th January to Friday, 15th May, 2015

Recess Term:
Monday, 18th May to Friday 24th July, 2015
Semester II
Monday,19th January to Friday, 15th May, 2015
Recess Semester
Monday, 18th May to Friday, 24th July, 2015

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