Historical Background

The Government white paper on Education (1992) had, as one of its recommendations, the establishment of a public university in Eastern Uganda, to increase equitable access to University Education. In pursuance of that recommendation, a multi- campus university model, with the main campus at the former National College of Agricultural Mechanization, Busitema has been established by Act of parliament, and gazetted as a fully fledged public university under Statutory Instrument No. 22 of 2007. Other campuses are located in different parts of Eastern Uganda at Arapai, Kaliro, Mbale (2 campuses), Nagongera, Pallisa and Namasagali.

Model and Location

Busitema University is a multi campus model with the main campus located at Busitema, formally the National College of Agricultural Mechanization, along Jinja- Tororo highway, 25kms South West of Tororo Municipality, while the Nagongera campus is located along Nagongera- Busolwe road, about 21kms from Tororo Municipality. Arapai campus is located along Moroto road, about 10kms from Soroti Town, and Namasagali campus is located along Namasagali road, about 27kms from Kamuli Town.  Other campuses (yet to be operational) are located at Mbale (School of Hygiene and School of Clinical officers premises), (Kaliro NTC premises), and Pallisa.




Calendar of Events

Semester II:
Monday,19th January to Friday, 15th May, 2015

Recess Term:
Monday, 18th May to Friday 24th July, 2015
Semester II
Monday,19th January to Friday, 15th May, 2015
Recess Semester
Monday, 18th May to Friday, 24th July, 2015

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