Academic Registrar’s Department

The office of the Academic Registrar is manned by five staff, headed by Mr. Elisha Obella, the Academic Registrar.  He is assisted by Senior Assistant Registrar Mr. Mukama John Sajja, Administrative Assistant in Charge of Admissions Mr. Ivan Mugabi and Administrative Assistant in charge of Examinations Mr. Humphreys Taabu Obussoh, Systems Analyst Keerera Warren Oundo, Records Assistant Mr. Isabirye Ibrahim, Secretary Ms.Allen Wejuli and Office Attendant Ms. Akol Stella.
The office of the Academic Registrar is incharge of all academic matters in the University.

The roles of the office of the Academic Registrar include:

Admitting students
Registering students
Examining students
Keeping students’ records
Organizing Senate meetings
Organizing academic functions
Issuance of certificates and transcripts.
Any other academic related matter.

Busitema University has four Faculties:

Faculty of Engineering, which is based at the main Campus, Faculty of Science and Education, based at Nagongera Campus, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences based at Namasagali campus and Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Sciences based at Arapai Campus.

Faculty of Engineering

This Faculty is headed by Dr. Samuel Baker Kucel.  He is assisted by Mr. Emmanuel Wamare, the Administrative Assistant. Faculty of Engineering has four departments, namely; Department of Computer Engineering is headed by Mr. Davis Matovu (Ag.), the Department of Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation Engineering, headed by Eng. Wilfred Odogola, Department of Textile and Ginning Engineering headed by Eng. Samson Rwahwire and Department of Agro-processing Engineering headed by Eng. Wilfred Odogola (Ag.).

Faculty of Science and Education

This Faculty is headed by Mr. Muwooya Amos Kisaale.  He is assisted by Mr. Lucas Okwalinga, the Administrative Assistant. The Faculty of Science and Education has six departments, namely;
Department of Mathematics, which is headed by Mr. Okiring Jackson (Ag.)
Department of Physics, headed by Mr. Owalu Joseph
Department of Computer Studies, headed by Mr. Frederick Mutungi.
Department of Biology, which is headed by Ms. Nantale Gauden
Department of Chemistry, which is headed by Mr. Musagala Peter.
Department of Education, headed by Mr. Muwooya Amos Kisaale.

Apart from above academic staff, the University boasts of other highly qualified and experienced staff.

Calendar of Events

Monday 11th to Sunday 17th August, 2014

Semester I:
Monday, 18th August to Friday, 12th December, 2014
First Part of Semester I
Monday, 1st September to Friday, 19th December, 2014
Second Part of Semester I
Monday, 5th to Sunday, 9th January, 2015

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