Faculty Level

Sudi Nangoli -ACCA (UK), CPA (U), BBA, MBA (PROJECT), PGDMTHE, Phd student.

Faculty Dean

I take this pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Management Sciences- Busitema University.

Mr Joseph Esuku

Head of Economics and Department

Mr. Esuku holds MBA Finance and accounting from Makerere, PGDE from Kampala International University, B. COM (accounting and finance) from Makerere, UDBS (NCBS- SOROTI UCC). He worked previously as a lecturer in Uganda College of commerce holding responsibilities of HOD Accounting and finance department and Quality Assurance department for a long period of time. He is a well seasoned professional who adds value to our faculty in terms of guidance and quality assurance.
Esuku welcomes you to Busitema University Pallisa Campus (Faculty of Management Sciences).

Mr. Abbey Kalenzi

Head of Tourism and Hospitality department

Mr. Kalenzi possesses an MBA, a degree in Procurement, CIPS Student and currently pursuing his PhD in Strategic Management. Abbey has lectured for many years. Before Joining Busitema University, he served as a deputy Head of Department at Busoga University in the Business Department, under the Faculty of Humanities, Business and Management for three years. He is involved in research, training of managers, developing curriculums and conducting seminars and work shops in the areas of procurement, economics, and tourism and hospitality management. He adds tremendous value to the faculty operations especially in the fields of management, tourism and hospitality.
He welcomes you to Busitema University Pallisa Campus (Faculty of Management Sciences)  

Dr. Elijah Kihooto M.

Head of Research

Dr. Elijah Kihooto M., is the current Head of Research in the Faculty of Management Sciences. His major interests are research on management, finance and accounting. He has vast experience in lecturing at Daystar University, Kenyatta University, Dedan Kimathi University and Mount Kenya University. Dr. Elijah contributes greatly in terms of being a Lecturer and guiding the research department. He welcomes you to Busitema University where stars are made.